Ep. 01 | Mendez v. Westminster

Hosted by Jeff Hittenberger, chief academic officer for the Orange County Department of Education, the first episode of the Deeper Learning Podcast centers on a profoundly significant court case that’s probably unfamiliar to most Americans. Mendez v. Westminster shattered many of the legal justifications for segregating public schools and laid the foundation for the famous Brown v. Board of Education decision. And it all started with one family from Orange County, Calif.

Produced by the Orange County Department of Education

Ep. 01 Transcript


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Mendez v. Westminster painting (image) was commissioned by Justice Eileen Moore for the California Court of Appeals, Fourth District. It was created by students from the Orange County Department of Education’s Alternative, Community, and Correctional Schools and Services (ACCESS), Otto A. Fischer School. Teachers: Ruth Rosen and Sam Lightbody.  Student artists: Andrew K., Kaylee F., Jose C., Abraham V., Stacy Lynn R., and Juan G.

Ep. 00 | Introduction


Welcome to the Deeper Learning Podcast.

This is a podcast for people who want to think about life, learning, and education at a deeper level.  In each episode, you’ll hear stories about people who have pursued and experienced deeper learning in their lives.

Produced by the Orange County Department of Education

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