Ep. 04 | Bilingual Education

Is fluency in more than one language a recipe for success in the 21st Century?   Across America, we are seeing a resurgence of bilingual education at an early age. Parents and educators are embracing the idea of our next generation growing up as multilingual, and multi-literate citizens in the world.  Here in Orange County,  California, we have some of the most exciting and innovative bilingual programs in the nation.

In this episode, OC Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Al Mijares, delves into the topic of bilingual education.   We take a look at the wild history of bilingual education in California, and what lessons we can learn from it.  Then, through the lens of some of Orange County’s exemplary bilingual programs, we’ll ask:  what does it look like in our public schools?  What are students, teachers, and parents taking away from these programs?  How can being multilingual and multiliterate improve both future opportunities for students and our society as a whole?

Produced by the Orange County Department of Education

Ep. 04- Transcript